16 ways to save some additional money

How can I save more money? Apart from the obvious – buy less, do not exceed your credit card’s limit – you can make some small changes which will bring you quite a good profit. There are things we pay for too much and we are totally unaware of it. We have some suggestions you may find useful.

  • Avoid credit cards if your strong will is too weak. Spending more than you can pay
    for will cost you a lot of unnecessary money.
  • Have you known that there are reward cards without annual fees? By using such a card you may receive additional cash or points which can be exchanged for some products or travel.
  • There are free checking account plans so what is the point of paying bank’s checking
    account fees?
  • Take care of your credit score. This will save you lots of money. Check it for free and then work on making it continuously higher.
  • Why don’t you ask for a reduction of the interest rate on your home equity loan or credit cards? If you are lucky, you can get some additional savings thanks to it.
  • Consider refinancing your mortgage. Do it especially when your credit score has improved and you may receive a better rate. Are you paying Private Mortgage Insurance? You should try to remove it.

  • You may be surprised, but you can spend as little as $5 for your healthy and nutritious meal. Reduce the cost of your food – especially if you frequently eat out.
  • Maybe you have not known that you can earn money while spending it online. Check out Ebates and Swagbucks.
  • Start using some of the free online budget tools. It can help you budget more effectively and…with less pain.
  • Look for better offers from the internet providers. And by the way, if you actually do not need the full option with the highest speed possible, why to overpay?
  • To put some money aside, you can buy your new cell phone from Amazon or even consider buying a refurbished device. And if you have both a cell phone and a landline, maybe it would be a good idea to get rid of the landline?
  • The next thing you should look at closer is your trash service. There can be many competing offers which gives you a chance to get a discount from your service or find a cheaper one.
  • Gas water heaters are much more efficient so it would be a good idea to have one if you need to save.
  • Turn your attention to the local library. Instead of spending money on new books or magazines which will be covered with dust soon after you have read them, you can borrow them for free. The same situation concerns DVDs. If your library does not have DVDs, another good place is Red Box. And still there are online sources –often for free.
  • Another option helping reduce costs – for those who must have their own new magazines every month – is subscription.
  • If you are going to buy a new car start with searching the internet. There can be offers much more profitable than the local ones and it still can be worth delivery even from another state.

There are some details which cost us a little separately, but when added together they turn out to be really expensive. If you need to save money and you are not going to receive a payrise soon, have it in mind and save as much as you can for now.