Easy ways to make your dream about a vacation come true

It is much easier to spend money than to earn it… Probably most of us see this in such a way. Therefore, when you start thinking of the coming summer and your desperate need for a vacation, you simultaneously have a vision of a new debt on your account. But is it necessary to stress out about the new debt so as to get your deserved time to “load batteries”? You may not realize that there are other ways. If you start saving money soon enough, you can plan quite a fancy vacation without the prospect of making another debt.

We have some tips for you:

Open a special savings account for your vacation

It would be perfect if you opened an account in an online bank. In this way your money is “safer”, because it is less probable you will take it out too soon. Remember about regular payments or just make them automatic. You can also look for an account which can offer you some interests.

Think in this way while doing shopping: less food now = more vacation money later

Something which is so obvious in theory, is actually also terribly difficult in practice. Buying additional food like sweets, snacks and other treats often costs us quite impressive sums. Have you ever thought of growing your own food? It can help you save lots of money. Then, consider buying in bulk, joining a CSA and collecting rebates.

Make additional money:

  • Using your car – if you have one, you can of course sell it. But if you do not want to get rid of your vehicle, it can earn money for you. How? For example, you can rent your car to other people, carpool or give lifts.
  • Using your house – apart from making some savings on your utility bills and other house expenses , try renting rooms of your house. Check Airbnb for example – here you can find travelers looking for rooms to rent.
  • Working more – If it is possible, you can devote some of your free time to earn some side money. The list of things you could do is quite long. Babysitting, some seasonal jobs, being a lifeguard, helping at a farm, taking somebody’s dogs for walks and many other. It is up to you.
  • With a credit card – by using a credit card which offers airline miles accumulation you can gain free flight tickets for summer.

Exchange your gym into a YouTube channel

You can consider saving on your physical activity. There are many free ways of keeping fit, like jogging, walking or just exercising in front of your laptop.

Make fortune on your stuff

You must have at least heard about garage sales. It is a good way of getting rid of some of your stuff that you no longer need and making money at the same time. You do not have to organize a typical garage sale, remember that there is the internet!