Last-minute saving for your dream vacation

When did you start thinking about this year summer vacation? Just a moment ago? Do not worry, you still have a chance to gather some vacation funds. It would be perfect if you had some money aside already, but if not check out our ideas for such “last- minute” saving action.

You need a plan and be reasonable

It is really important to be aware of what exactly you need, and to make sure that your expectations are realistic enough. Calculate the cost you suppose your vacation will demand. Take everything into consideration: food, hotels, trips, tickets etc. If the number turns out to be too high, you must cut the cost somehow. If your budget is really tight, why not to organize a few short trips instead of planning a huge costly vacation?

You should start reducing your current “fun” costs to gather some “summer fun” money

Remember that your present sacrifices are not to no avail -they will bring the consolation later. There can be lots of ways for spending money, depending on your family’s interests and activities. You must choose what can be gave up for some time – dancing classes, swimming pool, fitness club etc. Try to fill the gap with some free fun activities.

Try “Pantry Week”

This means that you would have to choose one week every month till the summer vacation in which you would not do any grocery shopping, but instead you would eat only what you have in your “pantry”. It can become a great fun for you and children to act as if you were for example, castaways. Use your creativity, ask children for meal ideas and feel free to eat jam for dinner for one day.

Staying in the area of cutting food costs – it would be a good idea to give up eating out for some time

Depending on the frequency of your family eating out, it can result in quite a big amount of money saved. For occasional restaurant visits you can look for some discounts, coupons and special days. Cook at home, and to fill the “eating out gap” take your family out for a small dessert.

To facilitate the whole saving process, make it more visible

Create a special chart where you would mark all small achieved goals. It would be a great fun, not only for children. It will also motivate you and raise your family saving spirit!

Declutter your house

You may be surprised how many unnecessary things you have around in your house. Selling them will bring you money and, at the same time, it will help you gain more space and order around. We suggest organizing a garage sale. It is a perfect way to get rid of, for example, old children’s clothes. Prepare some ads and inform the neighborhood so that you could sell more things.

Gather credit card rewards

Start using the credit cards which will pay you back with some points or cash rebates. In this way you can gather many discounts for your vacation –plane tickets, hotel, restaurants etc. However, remember about paying off your balance every month – making a debt is not your aim.