Travelling on budget this year? Why don’t you try these?

You cannot imagine your year without at least one outing, but your budget somehow happens to be much lower than you expected? You do not have to give up and end up with just hopes for the better next year. Read our list and choose where to go on a tight budget!

  1. Northern Vietnam

This is a travel destination which is both astonishing and cheap at the same time. For real low-cost travelers we suggest sleeping in a dorm for even $5 and renting a motorbike to travel between places. Choosing a more expensive option for travelling still will not exceed a few dollars and private accommodation can cost you no more than $10-15. If you would be hungry you could find a proper dish for $0.50 -2.

  1. Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

If you love mountains, this is a place perfect for you. Apart from mountaineering, it can offer very interesting history and culture. You can find a place to sleep in a traditional yurt for only $20 which includes 2 meals. Private accommodation in the city costs more or less $15 and meals about $2.

  1. Bucharest, Romania

This is a city where you can spend days admiring some amazing old architecture and then go partying at nights. A great opportunity for those who seek something off the beaten track and cheaper than the well-known crowded destinations.

  1. Cape Point, South Africa

You look for something exotic? Visit Africa and its penguins’ home Boulder Beach and Cape Point National Park to see the amazing, unforgettable views. We recommend taking a one day bus trip there from Cape Town which costs $35 and is really worth the money!

  1. Palawan, The Philippines

This is an ideal place for those who seek something tranquil and quiet. This place can offer you gorgeous landscapes and great aquatic life to explore.

  1. Burleigh Heads, Queensland, Australia

Surprised that you see Australia on this list? Actually, prices of flights to Australia have gone down and the Aussie dollar is currently much weaker so it is a good time to visit this place. Burleigh is a beachside town with a lot to do without spending lots of money. The weather here is sunny for the most of the year so you can go there also out of season which will enable you to reduce costs even more.

  1. Porto, Portugal

In Porto you can visit many interesting historic monuments, churches and museums. The atmosphere of the city is really magical and special. Prices of accommodation, food or trips are affordable so you will not have to spend a lot here.

  1. Antigua, Guatemala

A great place for those looking for many cultural events and low prices at the same time. One of the biggest event in this city is Semana Santa (the biggest Easter celebration  in the world). The region of Lake Atitlan in Antigua’s neighbourhood is another place worth visiting – it is considered one of the most beautiful regions in Central America.

Easy ways to make your dream about a vacation come true

It is much easier to spend money than to earn it… Probably most of us see this in such a way. Therefore, when you start thinking of the coming summer and your desperate need for a vacation, you simultaneously have a vision of a new debt on your account. But is it necessary to stress out about the new debt so as to get your deserved time to “load batteries”? You may not realize that there are other ways. If you start saving money soon enough, you can plan quite a fancy vacation without the prospect of making another debt.

We have some tips for you:

Open a special savings account for your vacation

It would be perfect if you opened an account in an online bank. In this way your money is “safer”, because it is less probable you will take it out too soon. Remember about regular payments or just make them automatic. You can also look for an account which can offer you some interests.

Think in this way while doing shopping: less food now = more vacation money later

Something which is so obvious in theory, is actually also terribly difficult in practice. Buying additional food like sweets, snacks and other treats often costs us quite impressive sums. Have you ever thought of growing your own food? It can help you save lots of money. Then, consider buying in bulk, joining a CSA and collecting rebates.

Make additional money:

  • Using your car – if you have one, you can of course sell it. But if you do not want to get rid of your vehicle, it can earn money for you. How? For example, you can rent your car to other people, carpool or give lifts.
  • Using your house – apart from making some savings on your utility bills and other house expenses , try renting rooms of your house. Check Airbnb for example – here you can find travelers looking for rooms to rent.
  • Working more – If it is possible, you can devote some of your free time to earn some side money. The list of things you could do is quite long. Babysitting, some seasonal jobs, being a lifeguard, helping at a farm, taking somebody’s dogs for walks and many other. It is up to you.
  • With a credit card – by using a credit card which offers airline miles accumulation you can gain free flight tickets for summer.

Exchange your gym into a YouTube channel

You can consider saving on your physical activity. There are many free ways of keeping fit, like jogging, walking or just exercising in front of your laptop.

Make fortune on your stuff

You must have at least heard about garage sales. It is a good way of getting rid of some of your stuff that you no longer need and making money at the same time. You do not have to organize a typical garage sale, remember that there is the internet!

Last-minute saving for your dream vacation

When did you start thinking about this year summer vacation? Just a moment ago? Do not worry, you still have a chance to gather some vacation funds. It would be perfect if you had some money aside already, but if not check out our ideas for such “last- minute” saving action.

You need a plan and be reasonable

It is really important to be aware of what exactly you need, and to make sure that your expectations are realistic enough. Calculate the cost you suppose your vacation will demand. Take everything into consideration: food, hotels, trips, tickets etc. If the number turns out to be too high, you must cut the cost somehow. If your budget is really tight, why not to organize a few short trips instead of planning a huge costly vacation?

You should start reducing your current “fun” costs to gather some “summer fun” money

Remember that your present sacrifices are not to no avail -they will bring the consolation later. There can be lots of ways for spending money, depending on your family’s interests and activities. You must choose what can be gave up for some time – dancing classes, swimming pool, fitness club etc. Try to fill the gap with some free fun activities.

Try “Pantry Week”

This means that you would have to choose one week every month till the summer vacation in which you would not do any grocery shopping, but instead you would eat only what you have in your “pantry”. It can become a great fun for you and children to act as if you were for example, castaways. Use your creativity, ask children for meal ideas and feel free to eat jam for dinner for one day.

Staying in the area of cutting food costs – it would be a good idea to give up eating out for some time

Depending on the frequency of your family eating out, it can result in quite a big amount of money saved. For occasional restaurant visits you can look for some discounts, coupons and special days. Cook at home, and to fill the “eating out gap” take your family out for a small dessert.

To facilitate the whole saving process, make it more visible

Create a special chart where you would mark all small achieved goals. It would be a great fun, not only for children. It will also motivate you and raise your family saving spirit!

Declutter your house

You may be surprised how many unnecessary things you have around in your house. Selling them will bring you money and, at the same time, it will help you gain more space and order around. We suggest organizing a garage sale. It is a perfect way to get rid of, for example, old children’s clothes. Prepare some ads and inform the neighborhood so that you could sell more things.

Gather credit card rewards

Start using the credit cards which will pay you back with some points or cash rebates. In this way you can gather many discounts for your vacation –plane tickets, hotel, restaurants etc. However, remember about paying off your balance every month – making a debt is not your aim.

Saving counts!

Being young does not make saving money easy, especially in the time of recession. It may seem terribly boring and upsetting – you need to cut down on something you like, you cannot buy everything. Instead, you must budget and put your money aside for some long term purposes. Retirement? Who knows what will happen in so many years… Right, but the fact is that if you do not spend your money and gather it, or even successfully invest, you have more and more. It must pay off. Even small amounts add up to big sums after years. You cannot buy a new pair of expensive trousers now, but in the future you will be able to buy a flat. Ability to think long-term is a very valuable quality.

If you find saving problematic, we suggest some tips which will help you organize this process and finally see the sense of what you are doing.

See your goals

Being aware of what your dreams are, really helps fulfilling them. Set up your goals – short , mid and long term – and specify how much money and time you need to get what you want. Take some emergencies into consideration, then think of all your debts. These are things you must organize money for. The main long term purpose is your retirement. It may seem too long term, but in fact it is a must on your saving list

Open a retirement account

Your employer provides this opportunity for you. Employer retirement savings programs are an easy way to put money aside for your old age.


At first it can be a bit overwhelming to think of every single penny you spend. But you must plan purchases ahead if you do not want to spend your earnings unreasonably. Planning is a huge part of success. You should plan your debt payments, but also “necessity expenses” like food, clothes or bills. Only in this way you will not exaggerate with spending. Analyze all your monthly purchases and think what you really need and what is an extra
expense you should avoid next time.

If putting some part of your salary aside every month is too painful, consider automatic transfers

You will not see the money, they will just automatically go to your savings account unnoticed. It is also a good solution if you do not believe in your strong will and you suppose you could give in to the temptation and spend the “savings part”.

Plan extra expenses

To survive you need some chill out also in terms of saving. However, do not treat this as an excuse to binge. Plan ahead some “entertainment money” and let it be your reward for other money restrictions.

Contrary to popular belief, Generation Y plan their future. Some need help and the others already understand the value of financial security. It is not the easiest time for saving nowadays – in the culture of “here and now”. But we all need to feel secure and plan our future. Some efforts now, will bring results later. Once you try and see it is not so difficult and troublesome, you will find saving normal and natural.

Start saving your money in earnest – saving a little now will bring you a lot later

There is a key to make the process of saving money successful when you actually have no money to save. What is it? It is making this your priority. If you do not believe, or realize, that putting these small amounts of money (saved on chocolate bars for example) aside really makes sense, you will quickly give up. You may be surprised how much money you can save even if you think you have too little money. Another important thing is your goal. It is easier to cut down on one thing to receive another – the one you dream of. You may find it terribly hard to swear off your favorite chocolate, but it becomes much less painful when you see yourself buying a new car, house or going on a great trip in your imagination.

It is only $2,50…

Have you heard about the “latte factor”? This is a factor you do not find significant in your process of saving. People treat spending as little as $2,50 for a latte every day as a harmless expense. Although this price really is not high and does not mean much when we buy this latte from time to time, spending this amount of money every work day adds up to a big number. In fact, if you quit this habit, you will have even more than $600 saved in your piggy bank. It concerns the latte situation here, but it can be anything of course – sweets, beer or other “additional” purchases. You must identify your “latte factor” at first. Make a list of all your monthly purchases and check what it is in your case.

What about the compound interest?

All right, these $600 is not so much when it comes to the purchase of a house or possible retirement expenses. However, there is yet another way to make saving a little amount worth much more – it is the compound interest. Look at this exemplary situation: you have $50 of savings every month and you decide to invest it in 401k plan in your firm. Now, depending on your age, you have a certain period of time before your retirement age – here you are right after college so you have more or less 45 years. The average 6 percent interest makes your $50 worth $138,000. You could also systematically increase the initial $50 every year which would give you much more than these $138,000.

If you need something short-term consider a Certificate of Deposit. It can offer the guaranteed interest rates for a period of 3 months to 5 years.

Make it automatic

If you make your saving transfers automatic, the whole process will become much easier. You will not even notice this “deprivation” of money. It is very helpful especially when you tend to buy things on impulse, and these are lots of unnecessary things. Besides, it is just more convenient – you do not need to remember about putting money on your savings account every month- it is done for you.

16 ways to save some additional money

How can I save more money? Apart from the obvious – buy less, do not exceed your credit card’s limit – you can make some small changes which will bring you quite a good profit. There are things we pay for too much and we are totally unaware of it. We have some suggestions you may find useful.

  • Avoid credit cards if your strong will is too weak. Spending more than you can pay
    for will cost you a lot of unnecessary money.
  • Have you known that there are reward cards without annual fees? By using such a card you may receive additional cash or points which can be exchanged for some products or travel.
  • There are free checking account plans so what is the point of paying bank’s checking
    account fees?
  • Take care of your credit score. This will save you lots of money. Check it for free and then work on making it continuously higher.
  • Why don’t you ask for a reduction of the interest rate on your home equity loan or credit cards? If you are lucky, you can get some additional savings thanks to it.
  • Consider refinancing your mortgage. Do it especially when your credit score has improved and you may receive a better rate. Are you paying Private Mortgage Insurance? You should try to remove it.

  • You may be surprised, but you can spend as little as $5 for your healthy and nutritious meal. Reduce the cost of your food – especially if you frequently eat out.
  • Maybe you have not known that you can earn money while spending it online. Check out Ebates and Swagbucks.
  • Start using some of the free online budget tools. It can help you budget more effectively and…with less pain.
  • Look for better offers from the internet providers. And by the way, if you actually do not need the full option with the highest speed possible, why to overpay?
  • To put some money aside, you can buy your new cell phone from Amazon or even consider buying a refurbished device. And if you have both a cell phone and a landline, maybe it would be a good idea to get rid of the landline?
  • The next thing you should look at closer is your trash service. There can be many competing offers which gives you a chance to get a discount from your service or find a cheaper one.
  • Gas water heaters are much more efficient so it would be a good idea to have one if you need to save.
  • Turn your attention to the local library. Instead of spending money on new books or magazines which will be covered with dust soon after you have read them, you can borrow them for free. The same situation concerns DVDs. If your library does not have DVDs, another good place is Red Box. And still there are online sources –often for free.
  • Another option helping reduce costs – for those who must have their own new magazines every month – is subscription.
  • If you are going to buy a new car start with searching the internet. There can be offers much more profitable than the local ones and it still can be worth delivery even from another state.

There are some details which cost us a little separately, but when added together they turn out to be really expensive. If you need to save money and you are not going to receive a payrise soon, have it in mind and save as much as you can for now.

You want to save more effectively? Create a good savings plan!

When your life situation is more or less settled, the ratio of your monthly income and spending is quite predictable and you start thinking that it is high time for you to save some money for the future, you should prepare a strategy so as to save effectively. The earlier, the better so do not hesitate thinking that saving money will take away many good things from your daily life. Saving can be much less painful when you have a certain plan and you are aware of the goals and sense of what you are doing. Read our saving suggestions and gather funds for your better future.

Go online

Thanks to the Internet many things have become much easier, saving money, too. Visit some useful websites (, and create an online plan for your savings, set goals and monitor the process from your couch. It is a very helpful device which makes saving process more visible and organized.

Change your point of view

If you think of saving as a loss, it cannot bring much success. Losing everyday pleasures, like eating out in fancy restaurants instead of preparing lunch at home or cutting down on snacks, takeaway coffee etc., will result in other, but long-term, pleasures. It is just a way of gaining money for making your dreams come true. You have always wanted to visit some places abroad or buy a summer house? In fact, you are exchanging one thing to another. Instead of coffee, you will have your great trip or the house. See the goal in your mind and the process of saving will be much easier.

Realize what is your goal

You must know what you want to achieve. As it has been already said, visualizing your dreams come true will give you a great amount of motivation to set money aside instead of spending it. Keep your goal in mind every time you want to buy the next unnecessary thing – it should help make the right decision.

Higher earnings? Higher savings!

If you get a pay rise…that is great! Celebrate and then think: does it mean that you can spend more again? If you have proven that you are able to live spending less money, why don’t you continue and just save even more? Consider transferring this additional money to your investment account automatically – you will avoid the temptation to spend it.

Compound interest

When you lose your enthusiasm see how your money multiplies. Compound interest is just interest on interest, the amount of money you have invested continue growing when it is reinvested instead of being paid out. Watch the process, calculate how much you will earn in the end and keep your motivation on a right level.

You deserve rewards!

Remember about celebrating some success from time to time. You should buy something for yourself, do a thing you miss because of saving and then continue working on the next goal. Rewards help you survive and, what is even more important, keep you motivated.

How to save effectively when your earnings are low?

Spending money for various purposes has become a normal habit for many people. It is definitely easier to put something aside if you earn a lot and do not have to put too much effort to find additional money. However, a huge number of people are not in such good situation. That is why we ask: how much can you save or can you afford to save some money at all? Even if your answers are, respectively: “-Little.” and “-Not really.” we still have some good news. You can find money for saving even if you live on a shoestring. Read this article and learn what options you have.

1. Look carefully on your spending. Analyze how much you spend and for what exactly. Making a list of expenses and keeping bills or receipts will help you create an overall picture of your financial management style. If you are not used to saving money, you can waste a lot being totally unaware of it. Actually, eating/drinking out or regular unnecessary small purchases can bring big sums at the end of a month. Stop buying on impulse and prepare a shopping list before entering a supermarket.

2. Before you buy (the things you REALLY need), visit a few shops (also online), look for sales, lower prices of the same products in different shops. Such a habit may be a bit time-consuming but it is also very profitable and will bring lots of savings if it is carried out on a regular basis.

3. Collect change and money “leftovers”…on your savings account. It is little, but in the long run it will give quite a big number.

4. Stop wasting money on gifts. Birthdays, Christmas or other occasions can cost you a lot of unnecessary money. Do not buy the piles of things you are not even sure are wanted. It is better to buy one item, yet chosen reasonably.

5. Take part in a local Investment Development Account program. This will demand your participation in sessions connected with financial management and then you will receive $2 every time you save $1 through this program (it must be for home, education or business).

6. If you do not have the habit of saving a part of your monthly earnings regularly (even a small amount), you should consider making it automatic. Visit your bank and get to know more.

7. Utilize your employer’s matches to retirement savings contributions – sometimes it can concern even 100% of your contributions.

8. Get rid of or avoid any high interest credit cards or loans. You really should not pay 500% of interest rates for a payday loan in the situation when you try to find every single amount of money to save.

9. Have an emergency savings account so as to avoid taking unexpected loans. Remember about the right balance on the account if you do not want to pay fees.

10. Consider taking Earned Income Tax Credit. This is available also for employees with low income.